Breaking Down The Most Exciting Moments In The Season 10 ‘The Walking Dead’ Trailer

The season ten trailer for The Walking Dead debuted on Friday at Comic-con, and it was even better than most of us might have anticipated. It’s bigger, bolder, and more cinematic. It looks like Angela Kang was just getting started in season 9, and even with the departure of Danai Gurira, season 10 looks like it could top […]

A “Breaking Bad” Movie Starring Aaron Paul Is On Its Way

When we last saw Jesse Pinkman in the 2013 series finale, he was sobbing with joy after escaping a group of white supremacists. Jesse Pinkman lives! A feature length film sequel starring the sidekick character in the critically beloved (and extremely tense) TV series Breaking Bad is in the works. The Hollywood Reporter and Variety reported Wednesday that the project […]

Fans Are Panicking That ‘Better Call Saul’ Might End After Season 6

One of the most compelling things about the cult favorite show Breaking Bad is all the hidden symbolism throughout the series. Fans used to spend hours dissecting each small detail, knowing that nothing was random and every little thing had meaning. Executive producer Vince Gilligan was excellent at creating interwoven storylines rich in symbolism. The same can be said […]

10 Fun Facts About Better Call Saul

If making Breaking Bad was a high-wire act of maintaining perfection, Vince Gilligan stepped onto an even thinner wire when he decided to spin off the beloved series into Better Call Saul, a compendium of the legal misadventures of Saul Goodman (a.k.a. Jimmy McGill, a.k.a. Gene). Played with exhausted enthusiasm by Bob Odenkirk, Jimmy’s journey to strip mall […]

10 Facts About The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead won’t die. The AMC series about survivors of a zombie apocalypse—many of whom eventually stop surviving—has marched on even with its splintered tibia sticking out of its shin. Its ninth season is back in session, boldly pressing forward without intrepid leader Rick Grimes. The series based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book saga is attempting to prove that […]