Breaking Down The Most Exciting Moments In The Season 10 ‘The Walking Dead’ Trailer

The season ten trailer for The Walking Dead debuted on Friday at Comic-con, and it was even better than most of us might have anticipated. It’s bigger, bolder, and more cinematic. It looks like Angela Kang was just getting started in season 9, and even with the departure of Danai Gurira, season 10 looks like it could top the previous excellent season. The show just might be better without Rick Grimes.

As for the trailer itself? Here are ten of the best stand-out moments.

1. Dante — We get our first look here at Dante (David Shae), a character adapted from the comics. In the comics, he’s obnoxiously confident. He’s also a love interest to Maggie and her right-hand man on The Hilltop. It remains to be seen whether he will play that role on the TV series, and the extent that he does may depend upon Angela Kang’s ability to bring Lauren Cohan back to the series.

2. Lydia — Lydia does not appear to be shrinking back after being vaguely responsible for Henry’s death. In fact, by learning to use a stick like Henry (and Morgan before him), Lydia may be trying to subsume Henry who subsumed Carl before him. In other words, Lydia may be the new Carl?

3. Connie and Daryl — Angela Kang wisely keeps the Daryl/Connie ship alive with a brief glimpse of the two being cute together with Dog the dog.

4. Peanut Butter Meet Jelly — Not only does Gabriel force Negan and Aaron to work together (to Aaron’s chagrin), but Aaron has a bad-ass mace-arm now!

5. Gabriel — Speaking of Gabriel, what is it that he does that lands him on the inside of a prison cell?

6. Rosita — Not only do we see a lot of Rosita fighting in the trailer as though she’s got something to prove, we also see the arrival of her newborn, who is adorable.

7. Michonne and Ezekiel — What?! Michonne and Ezekiel hook up? Actually, the two are an item in the comics. However, with Michonne leaving this season, I’m inclined to believe that Michonne’s feelings for Ezekiel only makes her miss Rick more, which might be what prompts her to leave, perhaps in search of Rick.

8. Bitch Needs to Die — Not only has Carol gotten rid of her fairy-tale wig, but she’s brought the kick-ass Carol back. Here, she’s saying, “Bitch needs to die,” which is probably directed at Alpha, but considering what’s going on above, don’t rule out Michonne.

9. Best Friends — In another bit of fan service, Daryl explicitly tells Carol that she’s his best friend. The entire exchange is absolutely adorable.

10. Lucille — That, friends, is Michonne wielding Negan’s bat, Lucille. If that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is.

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